Student Council requires members to earn 6 points per semester to be eligible for outstanding leadership awards and senior graduation cords. For an explanation of our point system, see below. Log and check those points here. If there is a special situation where a specific opportunity is not available, use the Ask Points button. If there is ever a discrepancy with your points, send us an email or come talk to us in Room 210-B in the NGC library.

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Point System

Membership in General Council

In order to retain membership in Student Council, all members must meet the 6 points requirement per semester. If you are a senior, you must meet the 6 points requirement for both semesters to be eligible for a graduation cord. Available point opportunities are posted on the General Council (Genco) Google Classroom, and the number of points earned for the point opportunities varies.

How to Obtain Points

1. Sign up for the point opportunity in Volunteer Nexus
2. Attend and fulfill the engagement
3. You're engagement will be approved shortly afterwards