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EB Applications Now Open!

Interested in joining Executive Board (EB)? Apply now by completing this document. Deadline is Monday, April 13th!

Distance Learning Impact on GenCo Update

StuCo understands that in light of the transition to a distance learning environment, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for GenCo members to continue to fulfill their 8 point requirements for the semester. We will work out a solution so that any points earned during this semester are still reflected on your record, but those who have not met those requirements are not penalized.

General Council Points Info

Hey everyone, please check out your account on VolunteerNexus to check if you have any point surplus/deficit from last semester.

If anyone has earned 4 or less points in the fall semester, you will be put on probation starting in the spring. To get off probation, you must earn at least four out of the eight points for the spring semester to remove yourself from the list. After earning these four points you will be taken off the probation list and listed as a General Council member, allowing you to continue with your activities and earn points (your 4 points will be kept) for the current semester. Failure to do so will invalidate your current General Council membership for the year and prevent you from earning any awards pertaining to General Council. You will still be able to reapply for membership the following year.

Attention, Seniors! You must make up all the points plus get 8 points this semester to be eligible for the cord.

For everyone, please check the "Points" tab for more information on this topic.


Get Involved!

What is Student Council up to? To find out what point opportunities are available, please check the VolunteerNexus or our calendar.

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