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Casa Marianella

If you're interested in Casa Marianella, please fill out this form here. If you've got any questions, contact Joseph Asfouri! You can find his contact info under the "Leaders" tab!


Have any unused blankets or yoga mats? If you'd like to donate items to a dog shelter, you can get 1 point for blankets and towels, 2 points for toys and collars, and 3 points for yoga mats, dog beds and dog food. You can bring in extras for double the points!

Matchmaker Sales

Sign up to sell Matchmakers at lunch: 1 point each time here

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What is Student Council up to? To find out what point opportunities are available check out our calendar and current projects tab.

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Leave us a suggestion or report a problem. If you have any questions, see if our FAQ page can answer some of them. If you need someone to talk to, one of our leaders would be more than happy to help.